Featured Artist: FRANCES KHAN LIN

I discovered Frances Khan Lin on Instagram - her feed is a thing of great beauty, check it out @saroskybird - and have fallen in love with her pattern work. An ex ER doctor, she's moved away from the world of medicine and into the arts, embracing all forms of creativity from illustration to poetry. She's currently working on an adult colouring book which I can imagine losing myself in entirely!

Jonathon Adler delivers...

You can't ignore a brand timeline like this - normally these things are as dry as a bone, with company founders made to sound like remote demi-gods in their own personal business arena - Jonathan Adler just rips it up and starts again.

Love his work. Love his timeline more (if that's possible).

Aveda open Experience Centre in Antwerp

Blow Dry Masterclass? Yes please!

I've been missing my days of hands-on merchandising at Aveda, so it was a real treat to be asked over to Antwerp by the lovely Aveda Benelux team to help them set up their first ever Experience Centre prior to launch. Aveda's Experience Centres are an escape from the high-octane high street - walk in, sit down, grab a cup of organic Aveda Comforting Tea, soak up the relaxing atmosphere and take the Aveda team up on the offer of a free hand massage, hair styling experience or skin care consultation. What's not to like?!

Now you know what to do next time you're in Antwerp! Wishing the Aveda Benelux team a ton of success with this little beauty of a store.